My favourite, must have items for every traveller!

Packing your life into a small carry on suitcase and going on adventure is one of the greatest joys in life. Every traveller has some serious choices about what items are needed to ensure a seamless trip with the things you really need. Quality, light weight items are a must and I’m finally sharing my list of tried and true accessories that are a must have on the road after solo travelling for over 15 years. My experience will not only save you money, but ensure a better trip.
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When LESS is MORE and you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure somewhere, bringing the right equipment is vital. Many times you are not able to replace things once on the journey and when a moment passes, its gone forever. I have complied a list of my favourite things, in no particular order that I think every savvy traveller must have. Let me know what you think <3

My TOP 14 items for every Traveller 2023

Rolling Backpack

Over my travel history, I have used almost everything imaginable to pack up my life for adventure. In the beginning when all inclusive resort vacations were my go to, I was like most people packing up the biggest suitcase I could find with 50 lbs worth of stuff that I would never use. Sure it gave me tons of room to bring back 5 lbs of sand, local souvenirs and chatchka to my hearts content and this was okay as I wasn’t moving around. This swiftly had to change as I got more travel experience and started travelling independently to more than one destination per trip. Not only is it awful trying to haul around a big suitcase generally, it’s expensive and curtails your freedom. It took several years to figure out what worked best and I’ve stayed with the rolling backpack for over a decade now. Whether my trip is 2 weeks or 6 months, there is enough space in a backpack to bring the items you need. Most times I simply extend the handle and roll it behind me but when things get complicated, or I need to board a boat from the beach the backpack straps are invaluable to convert it to something that easily fits on your back. Did I mention it also save you tons of time at the airport and ensures you never have a lost or delayed bag again? All bags are within the carry on specs for most airlines alleviating the need to check a bag. Land, clear customs and leave!! I’ve been on the bus within 10 minutes of landing with carry on as my fellow passengers are at least an hour behind me waiting for their stuff.

I’m recommending 2 bags here for their quality construction, waterproof material and thoughtful inclusions. Big wheels are fab if you will be on sand or rough terrain.

  1.  Inch Large Wheeled Water Resistant Travel Business Rolling Wheeled Backpack with Laptop, Black, 20inch

  2. 17.3inch Rolling Backpack for Men Women, Carry on Backpack with Wheels Waterproof Large Wheeled


A great, lightweight power bank is an absolute must for travelling! This has been an absolute lifesaver to charge my phone, light accessories and even provide an emergency flashlight. Not all powerbanks are made equal either. Some are too heavy, don”t hold a charge long enough or glitch out. I’m recommending my latest purchase which I’ve had just over a year and has travelled with me for 8 months to hot humid climates without missing a beat. It even has 2 ports so you can charge 2 things at one. Lightweight, long lasting with its own carry case. Grab one for everyone you love.

INIU Power Bank, Slimmest & Lightest 10000mAh 3A High-Speed USB C Portable Charger, 3 Outputs & Flashlight Battery Pack

Portable LED light source

This has unexpectedly become one of my favourite purchases of all time! I initially purchased it to attach and light up my laptop so I could work anywhere. I’m actually using it right now as I write this! Not only is it perfect for the job I bought it for, I’ve discovered it’s the BEST thing to have almost anywhere. It proovides 4 different types of light with 4 brightness levels. The head is easily adjustable and the charge lasts forever. I now bring it everywhere with me. It will light up books, ipads..general spaces. I also use it in my bedroom clipped to the headboard so I can turn off the main light before getting into bed. When I’m travelling it’s equally indespensable, light and easy to pack. Seriously…the best thing ever.

INIU Power Bank, Slimmest & Lightest 10000mAh 3A High-Speed USB C Portable Charger, 3 Outputs & Flashlight Battery Pack

Selfie Stick / Tripod

Solo travellers rejoice! After many, many purchases I have found the perfect item to help you capture priceless memories without asking anyone else.  This is one of the questions I’m most commonly asked. Who takes those great photos of you when you’re solo travelling? How do you take such great photos and videos to share? A great tool makes all the difference in the world. This stick is well built, extends really far and has an adjustable and SECURE grip on your cell phone. It can also be used as a stand alone tripod and has actually replaced my real tri pod. I packed both on my last trip to Costa Rica and never even touched the other one. Extra comes with a built in bluetooth remote that makes selfies a breeze. While it’s a bit heavier than some of my old ones, its well worth it. I take this stick with me everywhere…on the water in Canada; to friends or family get togethers and of course on any and all my adventures. Every traveller solo or not should have one of these!

TONEOF 60″ Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod,Smartphone Tripod Stand All-in-1 with Integrated Wireless Remote,Portable,Lightweight,Tall Extendable Phone Tripod

Dry Bag

Oh how I adore my dry bags! At first I only used them on the  water or when I was doing wet landings  while travelling.  Now I tend to use them for my main backpack and always bring at least the 2L version absolutely everywhere. Keep your important items (cell phones, keys) dry and secure at all times. Perfect for taking items with you when swimming at foreign beaches and carrying on through a surprise drizzle. If you can only fit one, take the smaller 2L, have a bit more more? I highly recommend having a bigger one with the smaller one for valuables inside.

Case-Mate Unisex 2l Phone Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag for Women Men, 20L Roll Top Lightweight Dry Storage Bag Backpack

Money Belt (under clothes)

This is another must have item for any traveller. Your passport, cards and cash are super important when you’re on the road. Never underestimate the ability for thieves to pick pocket or divert your attention and take your things. Even when walking around during my travels, I keep a few dollars in my purse but the important stuff goes under my clothes in a comfy money belt. I’m recommeding one with a few pockets made of nice feeling material, If you need to get something from the belt while you are out, head to the bathroom. Do not fish it out for everyone to see 😉

Money Belt – Passport Holder Secure Hidden Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking, Undercover Fanny Pack

Power Adaptor

Always check what kind of power plugs your destination uses! Many countries have different voltages and plug configurations that you will have to convert for safe use with your electronics.  I recommend an all in one cube that has usb plugs for direct charging of cell phones as well as the different plug styles. A must have item for most international travels.

Travel Plug Adapter with 4 AC Outlets and 4 USB Ports – European and International Power Adapter, Type C Plug Adapter Travel Essentials to Most Europe EU Spain Italy France Germany

Mini Magnifying Mirror

Ladies, you need this little mirror in your lives!! Moving from place to place, its the little things that make the most difference and this is the case with having a wee magnifying mirror with you. Take care of all your grooming on the road so you can look and feel your best. I forgot it once and was not a happy girl.

Kintion Pocket Mirror, 1X/3X Magnification LED Compact Travel Makeup Mirror, Compact Mirror with Light

Air Tags

For anyone that has ever lost luggage, keys or anything else..the technology to make our lives easier is finally here. Air tags are game changers. I use them on anything and everything possible. There are different options for iPhones and Android and each have apps you download to track your items. Be aware they do not have the same distance ranges. Ensure to buy the best one you can afford and look at the situation you are using it for. While car keys can usually be found in a few miles..luggage can be in another country.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker (Android)

 Thin Bluetooth Tracker, Wallet Finder and Item Locator  iOS and Android Compatible

Fold Flat Bottles

When space and weight are at a premium, its things like these fold flat plastic bottles that make a big difference. Fill them with your favourite products with almost no additional weight. When they are done its easy to carry them along.

Travel Bottles Travel Containers for Toiletries 24 Pcs, Tsa Approved

Lightweight & dry Towel

Everyone needs a thin, quick dry towel when travelling. Some hotels supply them, others don’t. Rarely do you have beach towels available when back packing either so taking something with you is a must. Towels typically take up too much room in your luggage but these are super thin and light. You get the 2 sizes you need most as well.  Choose your colour and off we go.

2-Pack Microfiber Fast Drying Travel Gym Towels, Grey, (60 inch x30 inch , 24 inch x15 inch )

Luggage Scale

If you’re on a budget and/or flying with many small hopper flights, a portable lightweight and reliable luggage scale is a must. Use it to weigh all your stuff BEFORE heading on any flight. Will save you so much head ache and COSTS. Many hopper flights charge per pound and it’s not cheap.

Luggage Scale, Portable Digital Hanging Baggage Scale for Travel, Suitcase Weight Scale with Rubber Paint, 110 Pounds, Battery Included

Sun Umbrella

Anyone that knows me knows that I never go anywhere without my Sun Umbrella. As much as I adore the sun and will chase her until the end of times, her rays directly on my skin no longer feel great. Whether I’m in Canada or international the umbrella comes with. Protect your skin health and carry your own shade. I love this umbrella because the white reflects the sun and it has 2 seam for air to escape making it harder for the wind to turn it inside out. An absolute must for anyone that spends alot of time in the sunshine.

G4Free UPF 50+ UV Protection Travel Umbrella 42/46 Inch Auto Open Close Silver Vent Double Canopy Folding Sun Blocking Umbrella

Bear Attack Spray

For anyone that travels solo as much as I do, having something for self defence other than your quick wit is vital. I highly recommend packing and carrying a small spray with you wherever you go. This can be used on animals of all different species..including human. If you are walking in the woods, or anywhere you feel any slight risk have it handy in a pocket and know how to use it. Always cover your eyes and spray in a cross pattern in front of you. It’s small enough to be okay in carry on.

SABRE Dog & Coyote Attack Deterrent, 1 Brand Trusted Pepper Spray Brand by Police and Consumers Worldwide, Maximum Strength Formula, 5 One-Second Bursts of Protection, 3-Meter Spray Range

That is the list of my most loved travel accessories! I hope they help make your travels easier and safer. Don’t forget to check out the destination guides and think about joining me on one of my curated all inclusive adventures geared towards solo travellers.

Life’s short..always take the adventure <3

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