Book your Travel Coaching session to kick start your Dreams

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Travel Coaching Session with Maria Sangria

Book your one on one video call with Maria!

In this initial coaching call, we will review your dream travel plans; determine your travel style; budget and goals. I will help you prioritise and make a plan to move forward. You are also welcome to ask me any questions you like within the time allotted.

40 minutes video call via Google Meet, Whatsapp or ZOOM. I will contact you as soon as the order clears by email to schedule your initial coaching call within 24 hours.

If we decide we are a great fit and I can help you achieve your travel goals then we will book the next session. Save 10% when you book the package while we are on the call.

Already know you want to move forward with travel coaching?

Book your 3 coaching calls now and save!
We will schedule these call together a few weeks apart so I can help you move forward and realise your travel goals.
Bonus- participate in my Whatsapp on the fly travel chat group for on the ground travel help.

I can help or guide you through almost anything to do with travel!  Here are some examples.

  • Identify dream destinations and formulate travel plans, based on your travel style, interests, goals and budget
  • Offer firsthand experience in destinations of interest
  • Offer firsthand experience of different travel styles.
  • Share guidance on what to do, how to do it, and suggested routes and itineraries
  • Recommend vetted, reputable operators and tried-and-true experiences; for tours, dining, and hotels
  • Offer on the ground contacts in destination
  • Plus, help you tackle information overload, decision fatigue, and other emotions or limiting beliefs getting in the way of planning your chosen adventure