Your tickets are booked, the bags are packed and you are ready for adventure!! Just make sure you are remembering to protect your trip before you go! Honestly it’s the one thing you can’t afford to leave home without.

Whether you are a careful planner with a pre planned route and activities or a free spirited traveller that doesn’t exactly know where they will be or what they will be doing, travel is about having fun. Throw off the bowlines, push your boundaries..try new things!!

One thing though…always have travel insurance while you are doing it.

One wrong step, random act or silly accident can leave you in a bad place in another country. Budget it as part of every trip and check to see if your employee benefit plan includes travel insurance with sufficient coverage for the areas of the world you will be visiting AND any possible activities you may be doing.

If you book your travel with me, I will always offer you insurance.

If you are doing it DIY please check out WORLD NOMADS below. They offer quick quotes, competitive rates, great coverage and it’s all done online!  I also get a small portion but it in no way affects your price. However you do it, trust me it will be worth every penny that ONE trip when you have to use it.