Staycation Living in Ontario Canada

Live EVERYDAY with the same zest and enthusiasm that most people only reserve for vacations!!

Staycation living celebrates everyday life and appreciating the beauty of wherever you happen to live while pursuing an active healthy lifestyle!

I brought this concept to life on my hometown beach in Burlington, Ontario Canada! At that time most residents didn’t even know we had a beach. Over the years the trend has caught on and more and more people are out exploring whats in their own backyards. Who knew this little corner of the world was home to over 130 natural waterfalls within a 1 hour drive of each other!?

I invite you to celebrate life and Staycation living ANYWHERE you are, but if you happen to be in the Greater Toronto Area please visit or sign up for class with Burlington Beach Rentals. Life’s too short to live anything but LARGE!  Let me help you do thatburlington beach rentals owner