8 Reasons Solo Travel should be on EVERYONES list!

solo travelTravel is truly one of the only things we can buy that makes us RICHER! Not a cliche but a time tested fact. One person can’t adequately describe the confidence, freedom and growth that stepping out into the world solo creates within you. Solo travel is something I highly recommend for everyone, solo or coupled. It teaches you about the world but more importantly about yourself.  Even a short solo trip can enrich your life, work and relationships forever. Do it as soon as possible.

1. Freedom of Choice

Window or Aisle? Sunshine or Shade? Get up early adventure boot camp or lazy beach days? Solo travel lets you decide what you want to do and how you’d like to do it in real time. No meeting half way or compromise. You are in charge of all the things without judgement or answering to another person. It forces you to look inward and discover what truly makes you happy. While making all the decisions can be scary at first, ultimately it is one of the best growth experiences of travel building confidence and challenging limits.

2. Tune in to your Surroundings

Without another person  to constantly talk with, your inner voice will slowly come into its own. The void created by less talking will let your other senses come into sharper focus. The sounds, smells and sights when experienced fully have so much more to share if you’re ready to let them in. Whether you are a city person or a child of Nature, spending time taking it all in without distraction will reward you with a nuances you have never witnessed before. It takes silence and observation to truly connect with your surroundings.

3. Strangers become Friends

Solo travel doesn’t mean being alone. It means having the space to decide when you’re content being alone and the freedom to connect with anyone that comes into your path! A simple compliment or hello can be a great conversation starter. I’ve made many a fast friend from a simple interaction with a stranger while travelling. Push your comfort zone a little and talk to strangers! Some of them may join you for adventures right then and there. Others will only share a few moments. All of them will help you grow.

4. Builds Problem Solving Skills & Confidence

There is no greatest teacher than solo life on the road. Despite careful planning;  you just never know what will happen on the road. Situations, changes & choices will inevitably pop up and you will have depend on yourself to navigate the outcome. Perhaps you’ve always had someone, a parent, spouse or other support to bail you out and stepping out into the world scares you. Acknowledge the feelings but know they come from fear of the unknown. There is no better feeling that conquering a challenge or navigating a situation in a foreign country by yourself. Every time you fix a hiccup, your confidence will grow.

This new found strength, independence & self reliance will benefit all the areas of your life. You can conquer anything and travel with give you a way to build your confidence in self.

5. Expanding your Perception

Growing up, most of us spend our formative years with a core family in a certain neighbourhood, province and country. We soak in the lessons, expectations and culture of the people we spend the most time. We learn what is taught in the local schools. All these things feed into our perception of the world and everyone that lives in it. There is a reason that GAP years have always been so popular. After finishing school, some are blessed with opportunities to head to other parts of the world to experience life on the other side. I feel this is a VITAL puzzle piece that should be afforded to each and every person on the planet. The chance to learn from others that have had a completely different upbringing. To see the world from another angle uncovering truths you hadn’t conceived. From simple observations to deep conversations with other cultures, you can’t help but broaden your understanding of the world for the better.

7. Step outside the Bubble of your Existence.

There is no better way to learn to appreciate what you have than to step away from it all and see if from the outside. I feel so many of us just yearn to get away from our everyday life, our home countries and daily rituals without seeing the true beauty of what we have! This is where my love of the term staycation comes from, developing appreciation and clearly seeing what we already have. Enjoying the treasures of our landscapes, relationships and opportunities  to live our very best lives where ever we happen to be. Unfortunately you MUST be able to leave those things behind for some time, gain exposure to other realities to gain the knowledge to see our own situations clearly.
We tend to take our lives for granted here in the Americas but until you’ve experienced living without hot water, convenience sources for food, on demand health care, warm homes, white privilege.. it’s hard to grasp. Travel to help you realise that you are already blessed.

8. Figure out what’s Important in Life

We all have ONE life. One opportunity that renews every day we are alive to live the life we dream of! Exposure to different lifestyles, countries, friends & values helps clarify your own priorities in life. You will never know what you love, what makes you glow from the inside until you encounter it as well as the things that make you cringe. We need to feed our minds and souls with as many different places ,experiences and relationships as possible to KNOW what really sets our hearts on fire. To know how and where we can make the most difference in the world. Where and how we can become our best selves. Expose yourself to as much as possible, as early as possible to allow your path and heart to light up the path to your best life.

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