Floatie Rental & Instagram Experience – Drake Bay

Feel and look like a rockstar with choice of props.

If you are in, or planning to be in the Wild and Wonderful Drake Bay, Costa Rica celebrate your visit with this awesome experience! Bright colours and tropical backgrounds make for memorable afternoons.

Meet me at my home on the gorgeous private beach to get ready for a fun afternoon. Your choice of floaties will be ready and inflated and we will spend some time going over the types of photos you would like captured. After you change into your bathing suit or outfit of choice, the mini photo shoot will begin on the beach. We will spend up to 45 minutes shooting with different floaties.  Your choice of ONE floatie will be then anchored in the water where you can go enjoy some safe floating in style!  Additional pics will be taken once you are out on the water.  Floatie Experience is 3.5 hours max including all activities. Edited high quality images will be sent to your email within 3-5 days .

* Please note this experience is 3- 3.5 hours maximum and available though the day. Prices are set for 1, 2 or 4 person groups. Floaties used are medium to large size only. You will have at least 3 floaties for the photo shoot and ONE for the actual rental . Extra charge for XL Floaties.
Each person will receive their own floatie to use on the water and edited pictures. GROUPS OF 4+ will receive complimentary group picture.
Contact me for larger group pricing.

Instagram Photo Experience

Mini Photo Shoot & 3 Edited Pictures included!!

Available select days January to April

**Sunset time varies slightly


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Priced in CAD $

All the Details:

What’s Included?

What’s included in your Experience?

I’ve tried to include almost everything  to make your Floatie & Instagram Experience
magical & comfortable. Please note this is a natural beach setting with changing tides and weather. I will adjust our area accordingly for the time you book.l.
  • Up to 3 Floaties for photo purposes
  • Mini Photo Session 1 hour
  • One Anchored  medium to large Floatie Rental for 2 hours.
  • Swimming access
  • Edited pictures of your experience sent via email (2-5 days)

Please note, our PARTY SIZE option lets you book up to 4 people. The mini photo session is for the group.booked only.  Edited pics are 3 for SINGLE, 4 for DOUBLE and 5 for frour person group. Cannot be redeemed for cash value. Only stated edited pics total will be provided but you may purchase additional pictures as you like.

What’s NOT included in your Experience ?

I’ve included most of what you need but here are some extras you may be interested in!
  • Transport to or from Drake Bay
  • lDrinks (as available)
  • Use of XL Adult Floaties – Additional Cost
  • Use of PaddleBoard- Additonal cost as available
  • Tips

How to get to Drake Bay

How do I get there ?

Depending on where you are coming from there are many options!

Drake Bay is located in the very South Pacific on Costa Rica, only a few hours from Panama. Depending on how quickly you want to arrive, there are quite a few options. Let me know if you need help arranging your transport from Drake Bay.

By Air: Drake Bay is served by a small airport and can be reached directly from either of the international airports or many cities in Costa Rica!   Small carriers come &  go but the national airline Sansa is always there. This small hopper plans takes only appx 35 minutes over rugged, spectacular coastline to reach us.

By Car: Rent a 4×4 and prepare for a crazy adventure. The road from San Jose down to the coast and along the pacific highwy is decent and will take you appx 6-7 hours. The drive from Palmar Northe requires a 4 x 4 and can flooded out. You may also park the car at Sierpe and take the boat in as below.

By Bus: Grab a bus from the San Jose trapoca station for an affordable and easy way to the coast. These large greyhound type buses will take you as far as Palmar Northe or Sierpe.

By Boat: Do like the locals and take the River Taxis from the town of Sierpe up the river and over to our main beach! they will drop you off minutes from your accommodations.

What should I bring?

What should I bring?

Less is more in the jungle!

Make sure to bring your favourite bathing suit and a smile to your Sunset Beach Experience.

Our experience takes place in the outdoors on a natural beach. Depending on your comfort level these are a few things recommended to bring with you for the best experience.

  •  Sunscreen
  • Nice bathing suit or outfit
  • Fun sunglasses or hat
  • Towel for drying off
  • Buy Spray
  • Flashlight or phone
  • Extra Water or Snacks

I am beyond excited to be able to welcome you to Costa Rica and show you the best of the best in Osa. Adventure On!